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Speaking Experience

ExPOSE has a wide range of experiences educating different audiences like educators, parents, foster care families, medical staff, and churches. See below for some of the different ways ExPOSE has presented the issues around sexual exploitation and human trafficking. 

Book a Speaking Engagement

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Quinnipiac College in Connecticut for Students

ExPOSE presented to over 300 students and faculty about Human Trafficking 101, becoming aware of this very real issue facing many people today. Students and faculty were engaged and many desired to become more involved in ending the issue after this presentation.  

Image by Miguel Henriques
Naked Truth Conference for Parents and Educators

ExPOSE spoke about the public health crisis of pornography on society and our youth to over 

150 parents and educators.  Many parents and educators were shocked and felt more empowered to talk to their kids and students.

Image by Headway
Foster Care Training for Parents

ExPOSE presented to over 30 foster care parents on safe social media usage and the public health crisis of pornography and sexual exploitation particularly committed against children in foster care. 

After the presentation, attendees felt encouraged and empowered to help their foster kids avoid being exploited. Many bought curriculum to assist them in talking to their kids. 

Image by Product School
Medical Clinic Training in Nashua for Nurses

ExPOSE offered a Human Trafficking 101 session to over 150 nurses and doctors in Nashua. Afterward, the medical staff understood the issues and felt more empowered to combat cases of human trafficking in their setting since they had learned what signs to look for with their patients.  

Image by Christina @
Church Training in Manchester for Church Members

Shiloh Community Church in Manchester asked ExPOSE to present a Human Trafficking 101 session to over 400 church attendees. Afterward, attendees could understand the issues and had a greater awareness of how to identify signs of being trafficked in their community. 

Image by nrd

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